The slow path to the fast lane

Thursday, March 09, 2006

A day in the life of...

Well thank God it's almost Friday.

Today wasn't a bad day, or an extrodinary day, but more of just an okay - I made it through it without major incident day. Amazing how we start to classify how to rate a day as good or bad. I once had a boss tell me that, in his response to the question, "How's it going?", my reply of, "I'm alive." was one that he'd never before recieved. I guess my expectations started off lower than most peoples. I start the day with the fact that I'm still breathing and just move along from there. A sure sign of some psychological problem, I've no doubt.

Yes today was just a day. Out of the door and on my bike for my daily gamble with the traffic and weather. Later onto the track to run a mile and a half with a friend at a fairly slow but comfortable pace.

I love to run - or more accurately jog. I love to run for distance and one day hope to complete at least a half marathon. I've signed up with a friend for my first 5k in May for the fight against Breast Cancer and am looking forward to wearing my first number across the finish line. There is something very relaxing about getting into the rythm of a long run where you just get lost in the music or podcast or whatever you are listening to on your trusty ipod, and enjoy the scenery as you go by. Running off road is my favorite and running for any kind of timed event is my least favorite. I will never be an athlete but I will, one day, be a runner.

Well after that I pretty much finished the work day on a reasonable note. No major disasters or upcoming ass chewings and left for home.

During the day my husband (and I) decided to take a three week holiday in Poland and maybe the Ukraine next month and just enjoy his birthday and the beginning of my new term relaxing and enjoying life on the road. Of course I did have a slight panic attack as I really looked into the fact that I will be starting a new English class along with a Biology class the week we leave as well as be in the finishing stages of my current Accounting class while we're gone - but hey - isn't that what online classes are all about? Hmmm...I suppose. In the end I found that it isn't as bad as I first panicked at. My biology labs will be done in advance, my English classes will be fairly light in the first couple of weeks and it's only the Accounting I have to endure for the first two weeks that I don't look forward to. With the availability of Internet cafe's in Poland and, no doubt, the Ukraine, I doubt I'll have any problem getting online to post to my conferences enough or have any problem uploading my homework.

So after coming home, eating junk food, doing a bit of work from work and watching a couple of my weekly t.v. shows, I decided it would be a good idea to come in here to vent and take some blogging therapy.

Do I feel better now that I've vented? Have I vented? Have I made sense?

Do I care? No - but I do feel better.

turtle on

Why are mornings so early?

I am not a morning person. This is a statement of fact that I have come to see as the truth through the long suffernece of having to rise at 5.30am and face life with a certain amount of capabilitby.

I am almost 40 and have never learnt to drive and so, over the years, have made my way around the world - well mainly to work and back to home - via pedal power. Basically I'm a true bike commuter.

This is one of the parts of my life that people find the most amazing. (on reflection that's probably a sad thing as it must mean that the real parts of what makes me are too boring to be amazing.) How do you get your groceries home? (I'm not a light weight - they must conclude I do it with enough ease to eat my way to maintaining a state of overweightness (is that a word)) Don't you think it's dangerous? (with some of the car drivers on the road - yes - but I'm still here after a couple of decades of doing it, so they must have more credit than I give them or I'm a very defensive bike rider)

But as originally said, I'm not a morning person. Saying that I seem to be able to rise, feed the cats, get ready and bike my way to work and be at my desk, dressed, refreshed and ready to go by 7am.

Maybe it's not the mornings I can't deal with...maybe it's just life....

time to turtle on.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The race begins....

Well today I decided to finally enter the world of blogs and allow myself an outlet to share my daily happenings and views of the world. Of course I could be honest and say that I just wanted a place to vent my discontents with the universe on a daily basis but that doesn't really make for a great advertisement for returning readers or fellow bloggers.

Mind you the computer really can't go anyway so, as I sit here typing this very first entry, I feel quite assured that at least someone will always be listening - even if that someone is only the universe created, low on the karma scale being which inhabits my laptop and only takes joy in waiting to lock up my operating system just moments before I am ready to submit my completed homework assignmet for the week.

Yes, we know each other well and we seem to respect each other enough to feel free to crap on each other's universe on a regular occaision - her with the murder of my unsaved homework assignments - me with making her sit through this bad attempt at a blog and having her know she is responsible with the polluting of the Internet with it.

Ah well, it is the small satisfactions in life that keep us going....